Making memories : The Peckham Toymaker, an installation on the forecourt of Goldsmiths University and online audio tour, plus live events, will allow visitors to discover the legend of The Peckham Toymaker, and his dark and exotic tale of loss and playfulness.

It is a unique collaboration between RIBA award-winning Tsuruta Architects, London Street Tours and wood experts FINSA during the London Festival of Architecture 2017

It was Tsuruta’s fascination with incidental discoveries that can be found on a site that led to his collaboration with London Street Tours, storytellers who tell traditional and folklore tales. FINSA is supporting the project using their Fibracolour Black, a completely coloured board made of MDF.

The intricate sculpture features miniature vignettes like a Victorian doll's house, allowing intriguing glimpses into the life of the urban legend of The Peckham Toymaker.