Toymaker Shop and Residence  

Peckham Toymaker, the shop seems to have existed next to the Baptist Church on Rye lane between 1925 to 1949. The toymaker run successful business from there. Allegedly he lived on Hill Street ( now Peckham Hill Street) near to Willbrook bridge ( Hill Bridge).

Local valuation list 

It appears to be that the shop was listed on Camberwell Metropolitan Brough's valuation list in 1925


Popular toy shop visited by royalty. Oct 22 1933

In a surprise stop off as part of their tour of South London the Duke and Duchess of York dropped in  at Peckham’s best known toy shop. The former Ms Elizabeth Lyons was delighted at the range of dolls and found for her eldest daughter as well as a wonderful German teddy for the youngest, Margaret Rose.

The delighted Duchess was quoted as saying that Peckham had helped solved all her Christmas dilemmas. 


Local Toymaker weds. June 15th 1936

The toymaker, who  inherited the shop in 1926, has married his French wife Estelle in a ceremony at Peckham Rye Lane Chapel near to the shop. The pair met in Lille at the  annual toy fair held in that city.

An aunt of the toymaker was quoted as saying “Who’d have thought after all those years of bringing toys back that he’d return with his own doll!”

The blushing bridegroom announced that in honour of their union the popular shop on Rye Lane would be renamed “Jeux sans frontiers."


Hell weapons rain down on area September 22nd 1944

Jerry may be on the retreat in Europe but the capacity to spitefully cause harm has not vanished. Homes and warehouses along the Surrey Canal were damaged or completely destroyed whilst Rye Lane shops were hit in a second night of destruction. Amongst the stores most heavily affected was the popular toy shop visited by royalty only a few short years ago…


Back from the front!  August 2nd 1942

Crowds gathered on Rye Lane yesterday to greet popular local shopkeeper as he visits his toy shop to see how things are getting on and to collect some toys to take back for chum’s families in the forces. The plucky shopkeeper quipped that.....


Alderman warns of hazards of playing on bombsites July 31st 1951

Joseph Roberts Alderman and ward counsellor for north Peckham has issued a stern warning to parents not to allow their children to play on the numerous bombsites around the Grand Surrey Canal.“There have been several reports of injuries and, let us not forget, the possibility of unexploded ordnance.”

Police have been notified to keep a special check on the bombsites to ensure that undesirables are not using them for criminal purposes

house sealed.jpg

Horror House sealed to public and slated for early demolition. August 15th 1951

After the discovery reported yesterday at the old Toymaker’s House Police today sealed all entrances off and Counsellor Joseph Roberts announced that the property had been given the highest priority for demolition.

Rumours started about the house when……



Excitement in Town as new toyshop opens April 13th 1952

Local shoppers were delighted to finally enter Skibbereen's newest shop. Named Jeux Sans Frontiers -which is French for It's a knockout- it is stocked to the rafters with the most beautiful toys ever seen in the county of Cork including some sumptuous marbles….


Red marble found in maisonette by Surrey canal

 February 22 1962

Mrs Amanada Bean reported finding strange marbles in her flat for the third time in as many weeks. "It's a diabolical liberty is what it is, my Albert ain't so clever on his feet so they're a positive menace. Not to mention that Flossie (pictured next to her owner) keeps trying to swallow them." Council officials are mystified as to where the marbles come from but have received similar reports from other flats on the premises.


Local flatowners report mysterious marbles April 23rd 2017

Ms Ella Rowlands, a handbag designer, noticed that periodically marbles appear in her flat near the old Surrey canal. This echoes the experience of other residents of the building